Posted: 15th Oct

Skills Ministers have endorsed the latest releases of the Maritime, Transport and Logistics (Rail), Defence and Electrotechnology Training Packages.  Qualifications contained in these packages have been reviewed and developed to align to changing work practices, new technologies and regulatory requirements.


lectrotechnology Training Package Release 2.0

Endorsement of the UEE Electrotechnology Training Package completes work transitioning 79 qualifications, 50 Skill Sets and 530 Units of Competency to align with the Standards for Training Packages 2012. The project also included: the review and development of critical content related to the 55 Essential Performance Capabilities for Electrician Licensing; redevelopment of ‘hazardous area’ units to better align to the current AS/NZS Standard; and development of new Handling of A2 Refrigerants units to reflect industry and regulatory skill and knowledge requirements.


Transport and Logistics (Rail) Training Package Release 7.0

The revised Training Package addresses new technologies and skill requirements of Network Control, Passenger Train Guard & Network Fault Support operators.
The Certificate IV in Rail Network Control and the Certificate IV in Tram/Light Rail Control qualifications have been amalgamated into a single qualification for network controllers, adding to workforce mobility across rail and light rail sectors. The Certificate III Passenger Train Guard Qualification now caters for train guards operating on either diesel or electric trains.
New Skill Sets and two Units of Competency have been created to better equip remote first line responders to quickly remedy conventional network faults and system breakdowns, and to provide remote respondents the skills and knowledge to remedy unconventional network faults and system breakdowns related to rail vehicles. This will help reduce fault times, less network congestion and delays, providing time benefits to rail commuters and financial savings to rail operators.


Defence Training Package Release 3.0 

The Training Package aligns with Defence capability and Commonwealth legislative and regulatory requirements.
Qualifications and Skill Sets contained in the Training Package provide effective pathways for individuals moving between jobs and occupational roles of the same nature across the Australian Defence Force, as well as wider Defence personnel and service suppliers.
Overall, 18 qualifications and 121 Units of Competency covering Defence Sensor Operations, Range Control, Chaplaincy, Military Justice and Explosive Ordinance have been updated.
Six new Skill Sets related to Explosive Ordinance roles were developed to support specific capabilities in Defence around Dangerous Goods, Facilities, Engineering, Supervision and Explosive Ordinance Management. The Certificate IV in Range Control and DEF33115 Certificate III in Sensor Operations were deleted as they are no longer required or delivered.


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