Jobs boost in the wake of bushfires

Posted: 28th Aug

More jobs will be created in East Gippsland to keep waterways clean and support fire affected communities during the coronavirus pandemic as part of Working for Victoria initiative.

More than 265 new jobs across seven catchment areas and four fire-affected council areas are included in the initiative. 
Mayor, Cr John White, has welcomed the partnership with the Victorian Government's to offer meaningful work that will support the region's economic and environmental recovery.

Most roles are field-based and will focus on the operation, maintenance and improvement of community services and infrastructure. This will include clean-up and maintenance work across the huge range of infrastructure and land coucil manages, such as landfills, community halls and amenities, parks, gardens and playgrounds, recreation reserves and wetlands / environmental projects. Some administration roles will be available and these will focus on supporting the new recruits and helping to deliver specific coronavirus projects and programs.

Positions will be matched to individuals who are seeking work as a result of COVID related shutdowns. They expect recruitment will start to the first tranche of positions in the coming weeks.

- Bairnsdale Advertiser, Aug 26