How to change careers in 7 simple steps

Posted: 20th Feb

Gone are the days where we work one job for our entire lives - it is now more generally accepted that we will work a series of roles over a variety a career paths.

Career pivots are the new norm and people are increasingly changing careers at any age.

With our Government encouraging us to continue working until we are 70, this contributes to learning new skills and entering into new occupations later in life - and even people starting their own businesses after leaving their previous long-term workforce.

For those thinking it is time to pivot, here's seven tips to get you started:

  1. Define why you want a career change

Are you motivated by money? Annoying colleagues? A bad boss? Chasing a dream?

Defining your motivation will help you determine whether you need a full career change to fix the problems, or whether a new role might suffice. It will also help you remember what you're looking for as you evaluate new courses and positions.

  1. Reacquaint yourself with the real you

Ask yourself what you're passionate about, where your strengths lie and what motivates you.

What roles meet your core values?

  1. Thoroughly research your new industry

Research what jobs are out there that could satisfy your true self.

  1. Gather intel

Talk to industry professionals about what your proposed occupation and industry is really like. LinkedIn is a great place to reach out for advice.

  1. Get a trusted outside opinion

A qualified career professional will help you work through your options and provide a framework to take the next steps forward.

  1. Identify your transferrable skills

Tailor your resume and applications to the new role. This can be challenging but the key is to highlight your transferable skills and achievements.

  1. Take the plunge

Conquering the fear of the unknown is vital to any career pivot. If you've done your research and made sure you're changing for the right reasons, it's time to take the next leap.

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