Cert Iii In Business Administration Traineeship


Welshpool, VIC

Posted 2/24/2021

Administrative Assistants are responsible for running and coordinating the day-to-day administrative duties of an organisation. An administrative assistant job description highlights the importance of organisation skills, communication skills and the capacity to manage several tasks or requests simultaneously. Soft skills such as being professional and exceptional with time management, while multi-tasking are required.

  • Addressing client queries via telephone, email, and in-person 
  • Various administrative duties including data entry, scanning, filing, and printing
  • General office duties such as taking notes and minutes, and scheduling meetings and appointment.
  • Manage and assist department in day-to-day administrative tasks.
  • Learning how to quote and do tenders, furniture related.
  • Learning about furniture and all that’s involved, fabrics, materials, etc.
  • Support sales and management team
  • Receive visitors and help resolve their legal problems.
  • Manage and maintain legal documents and databases.
  • Organize and maintain the filing system, files, and records.
  • Learn how to use triumph software package.

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