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Posted 9/10/2019

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Trafalgar High School is a 7 to 12 regional high school with an enrolment of approximately 725 students. Of these students many travel from outside of the immediate area to make Trafalgar High School the school of their choice.

Trafalgar High School is dedicated to providing a valuable education that aims for excellence through creating opportunity for every student in its community. The program offered at the school is comprehensive including a strong academic curriculum that is well balanced across the Key Learning Domains and a variety and range of extra-curricular activities that enhance learning opportunities for all students. The commitment to learning for all students is a core belief and value at Trafalgar High School. Academically Trafalgar High School provides for a wide range of students with the school having an accredited Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program that caters for high achieving students, a supportive literacy program that provides assistance to students, point of entry learning for mathematics and English programs, successive high achievement in VCE results and excellent On Track data. Striving to meet the needs of all students whereby they can experience success through their efforts is undertaken in a learning environment where high aspiration and effort is encouraged.

A balanced approach to the development of the whole child is also of paramount importance and fundamental in the education philosophy of the school. An ongoing focus on pedagogical practices has involved the continuing development of the school’s instructional model including in this, the tenets of positive education. Approaches through positive education are explicitly taught focusing on using strengths to succeed and approaching all opportunities with a growth mindset. Students are supported throughout their year’s 7 – 12 education in a safe and caring learning environment where the tenets of positive education, mindfulness and restorative practice form the basis of the engagement and wellbeing approaches. A strong sense of community is also important at Trafalgar High School, with over 34 feeder primary schools links and partnerships with community and community organisations. These are vital in building and strengthening a sense of connectedness and are evident through our partnerships with Trafalgar Youth Resource Centre, service clubs and organisations, business partners and the involvement and real input through student voice with student leaders.

Currently the school has 54 experienced and graduate teachers comprising of 3 principal class, 37 full time and 17 part time teachers with 18 education support staff and a school nurse.

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